Tech One Sport Popwing PNP

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The new Techone SportWing ismade of thick EPP and is a Delta wing plane with a wingspan of 35".  The large aileron and wingtips enables for very nimble handling.  The new vertical fins help generate much more stability decreasing high speed wobble and enables the plane to track exceptionally well.
The plane comes pre-painted and assembly only take a  couple of hours.  The wood motor mount is keyed for assembly as to guarantee the correct thrust line. The Thick EPP makes repairing those OOPS moments that much easier.

Fuselage length: 485MM 
Wingspan: 900MM 
Flying Weight: 355g ( with battery )
Motor: AS2208 KV1370 Brushless
ESC: 20 Amp
Servo: 8g*2pcs

Required to Fly:
Minimum 4 Channel Radio
Battery: 1300-1500mah 11.1v lipo 25C
Charger capable of li-po charging
Build Materials (CA Glue, Ruler, Hobby Knife, etc)

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