Getting Started

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How to get started

Alright you’ve decided you want to get into the exciting world or RC aviation now what? The first thing you’ll want to do is to look at getting a trainer. There are various packages out there and we’ll go over them now. The first kind is RTF which stands for Ready To Fly and gets you everything you need to get into the air. In these packages you’ll find the model, battery, charger and transmitter. The remaining electronics are pre- installed into the airplane. A PNF package is slightly different, you’ll get the same model except that you’ll have to provide a battery, use your own charger and provide a receiver to use with your own radio. The last type is a kit, which for the most part is a bare fuselage that will need all the electronics, battery, transmitter and receiver. Once you start accumulating a spare parts bin a kit is a good way to find a home for some lonely electronics.

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